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Invite you to the international conference "Queer-Sexuality: Policies and Practices" October 6 in Minsk

Invite you to the international conference

Belarusian LGBT Human Rights Project "GayBelarus" and feminist project "Gender route" are invite you to participate in international conference, to be held October 6 (Saturday) in Minsk as part of Belarusian Human Rights Forum "Minsk Gay Pride 2012".

The term "queer" emphasizes the fragility of the borders of any clear definitions of gender identities. Accordingly queer studies are oriented to the analysis and understanding of a variety of mechanisms through which the interests of some people are supported and the interests of other groups are ignored and tabooed on the grounds of sexual preference or gender identity.

We invite researchers, activists and all those who are interested in creating a public space for the analysis and understanding of specific power policies and practices of constructing sexuality to participate in the conference "Queer-sexuality". Special attention will be paid to the analytical work on understanding of current practices, as research skills can influence the quality and content of activist practices and initiatives.

Preliminary topics:
· Queer-theory and researches in the space of contemporary academic knowledge
· Constructing of normative sexuality
· Homo/transphobia: discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity
· Queer-families, life strategies of non-heterosexual genders
· LGBT-movement, activists projects and initiatives, peculiarities of situation with LGBTcommunity in post-soviet space

Applications for participation in the conference are accepted until September 20, by e-mail: genderrout@gmail.com.

Application should include an abstract (up to 500 words) and a short CV.

Accommodation and travel expenses are paid by the organizing committee of the conference.

Working languages of the conference are Belarusian, Russian, English.

Conference is open for wide audience.

Conference is conducted in the frameworks of Minsk Gay Pride 2012 and with the support of the project “Institute of Future”.

Author: GayBelarus

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