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Minsk Gay Pride 2011 will take place from 11 to 23 October

Minsk Gay Pride 2011 will take place from 11 to 23 October

Organizers of the Minsk Gay Pride sent a statement on the march in support of tolerance towards homosexuals, which is scheduled for October 22, in Minsk city executive committee.

"Minsk Gay Pride - it's a human rights forum, we will speak about the right to be themselves. Not all Belarusians are still equal and have equal rights, in particular, homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender people still can not be myself in this country, despite the decriminalization of homosexuality in Belarus in 1994 and free sex-change operations.

LGBT community is still forced to hide their identity, to lie to others, family, invent ways to "trick" the legislation seek to justify his own weakness - it is a problem"- the chairman of the organizing committee of the Minsk Pride and chairman of the Human Rights Project "GayBelarus" Siarhei Androsenka.

Organizers of the Minsk Pride want to see homosexuals Belarus happy, honest and proud people. Today, in a large group of citizens of Belarus did not even dream of right to be themselves, and beatings of homosexuals or heterosexuals, even that suddenly seemed like the stereotypical gay man - became a common practice.

Activities of the Minsk Gay Pride will take place from 11 to 23 October. October 11 worldwide LGBT community celebrates the Day of coming-out (day of voluntary recognition of his own homosexuality.) More than 20 events human rights, education, educational, informational, cultural and entertainment will be held during this period. Public action is scheduled for Saturday, October 22.

Activities of the Minsk Pride and received the support of the Belarusian human rights activists, some political leaders and institutions of art and show business. So Free Theatre of Minsk in the Pride will play about sexuality and agroseksualnosti in two parts of spectacle, a popular youth performers' Razbіtae sertsa pacana", Alex Leape, "The Color Aloe" and others oppose violence against LGBT youth at a concert on the closing day Pride. A more detailed program is available at Pride: http://pride.gaybelarus.by/index_en.php

Organizers also believe that the event will attract tourists from neighboring countries and the European Union and hopes that the Belarusian authorities will not interfere with his conduct, but rather, will have full support of his conduct as a social and an important event.

Author: GayBelarus

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