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Slavic Pride Awards 2010 go to Louis-Georges Tin and Alexander Sakovich

Slavic Pride Awards 2010 go to Louis-Georges Tin and Alexander Sakovich

On Saturday night, Minsk only gay club, "Club 6_A" hosted the closing party of the Slavic Pride, a few hours after the un-authorized Slavic Pride Marche took place in the centre of Minsk. During the party, the organizers of the Slavic Pride made public the winners of this year's Awards.

Since May 2009, the organizing Committee of the Pride attributes two prizes to celebrate International and local campaigners who support the struggle of LGBT activists.

The International Award of the Slavic Pride 2010 was given to the founder of the International Day Against Homophobia and President of the IDAHO Committee, Louis-Georges Tin, for his achievements to combat homophobia in the world and in particular, the key role he played in the UN Statement on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in 2008. Mr Tin will receive his award in Moscow on May 27 during a press conference of the 5th Moscow Pride.

The Belarusian Award of the Slavic Pride 2010 was attributed to the director of the Minsk Gay club "6_A", Alexander Sakovich, who founded a popular and safe meeting place for gays and lesbians in the Belarusian capital. In the afternoon of the Slavic Pride Alexander Sakovich drove his motorbike across the city while waiving a large rainbow flag. Mr Sakovich received his Award from the co-founders of the Slavic Pride Nikolai Alekseev and Sergey Androsenko.

In 2009, the first Slavic Pride Awards were given to British Human Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell and the Russian documentary film director Vladimir Ivanov, who presented a film about the first Moscow Gay Pride "Moscow. Pride '06” at the Berlin Film Festival.

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