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Ukraine and Moldova join Russia and Belarus in the Slavic Gay Pride movement

Ukraine and Moldova join Russia and Belarus in the Slavic Gay Pride movement

New joiners already bid to host the 2012 event.

The Slavic Gay Pride Organizing Committee said yesterday that it accepted the membership of Moldovan and Ukrainian Pride Organizers, hence, making the event become a broader union within the Eastern European LGBT movement.

The Slavic Gay Pride was founded in November 2008 in Minsk as a union of Russian and Belarusian Pride organizers from Moscow and Minsk. In February 2010, St Petersburg Pride organizers joined the Slavic Pride.

The Slavic Gay Pride rapidly became a symbol of the campaign for freedom of assembly of LGBT people with first and second edition banned in Moscow and Minsk in 2009 and 2010.

Participants were arrested in both years and charged for organizing an unsanctioned event.

"We are delighted to join our colleagues from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine in the Slavic Pride and form a broader union of Pride organizers in Eastern Europe. We have in common not only strong historical and cultural ties but also, the same common goal of trying to realize our right to freedom of assembly which is being denied to all of us for several years" said Alexey Marchkov, the President of Genderdoc-M, the organizer of the Moldovan Pride Festival "Rainbow over the Dniestr".

"We see which influence public LGBT actions have on the atmosphere in Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian societies and how the topic of the rights of the LGBT community became open and ceased to be marginalized. Geographical widening of the Slavic Gay Pride movement will give us the opportunity to fight for the rights of gays and lesbians in solidarity and hopefully will become an effective basis for public political dialogue on the issues of respect for the rights of sexual minorities in our countries" said Oleg Alyokhin, the head of LIGA-Ukraine, the organizer of the Rainbow Spring Pride Festival in Nikolaev.

"We created the Slavic Pride to share with other Pride organizers the experience we acquired with Moscow Pride in raising awareness for LGBT issues. I am glad to see that in less than 2 years we managed to create a regional event which goes beyond Russia and Belarus" said Nikolai Alekseev, Moscow Pride Chief Organizer.

Slavic Pride's new members are GenderDoc-M and LIGA, Ukraine.

The Moldovan Gay Pride Festival "Rainbow over the Dniestr" is organized every year since 2004 in Chisinau. Despite that the March has never been allowed by the city authorities, Genderdoc-M is organizing a series of flashmob and other events every year. The European Court of Human Rights is expected to give a decision about the ban of the Chisinau Pride in 2011.

The annual Rainbow Spring Pride Festival in Nikolaev, Ukraine is organized by the LIGA, Ukraine since 2009. The organizers appealed to Court against the ban of the Pride March and lost and for 2 years, the appeal court denies to schedule a hearing. They expressed their intention to take this case up to the European Court of Human Rights.

Both Moldovan and Ukrainian Organizations have expressed their intent to submit a bid to host the Slavic Pride 2012. The Slavic Pride Committee will make a decision in St Petersburg next June.

The next Slavic Pride will take place in St Petersburg on June 25, 2011.

Members of the Slavic Pride include "GayRussia" (Russia), "GayBelarus" (Belarus), "Equality" (Russia), "GenderDoc-M" (Moldova) and "LIGA" (Ukraine).

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